Friday, October 28, 2011

GoogleTV Brags about Thuuz

Google has given Thuuz's GoogleTV app prominent placement in the Android Marketplace.  Thuuz is the best way to watch sports on TV. 

Way to go Warren and team!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get the Thuuz iPhone and Android Apps Now

Last month the team at Thuuz released their first apps for iPhone and Android mobile phones.  These apps are a great way to keep tabs on your favorite sports.  And as always, Thuuz is spoiler free.

Get them now at the Apple Store and Android Marketplace.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introducing the Thuuz Excitement Monitor

We have just launched v1.0 of the Thuuz Excitement Monitor in the form of an embeddable widget. Different sports and leagues are accessible from the drop down menu and the tracker is configurable to default to a specific team, conference or league.

For help customizing a widget for your website, please contact us at:

Excitement Monitor with Default to Cricket World Cup

Cut and paste the following code into your website:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thuuz: Changing the Way You Watch Sports

After more than three years at Fastpoint Games, I've moved to Thuuz which is fast becoming the established source for unbiased ratings on sports excitement.

Thuuz alerts you to the most exciting sports games and matches currently being played or recently completed so that you can experience all the suspense and excitement of the best sports action of the day, even for games that are over.

Thuuz uses a set of proprietary algorithms looks at a multitude of discrete events that can occur in each game or match, from the typical to the unusual. Each of these events has an impact on the overall excitement rating of the match by taking into account the specific situation (including competitiveness, novelty and pace of play) at the time the event occurred.

Thuuz uses this to determine an excitement score for the match on a scale of 0-100, and then notifies users if the game is exciting, telling them the exact point they should watch the game from to catch all the excitement without giving anything away.

Thuuz is already covering International soccer, the NBA, NCAA basketball, NHL, MLB, NFL and NCAA football, and will soon be launching its service for cricket, rugby, and many other sports.

Come join the excitement at

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fastpoint Games, a client focused game developer

Moving forward RotoHog will be doing business as Fastpoint Games. 

Since launching our new platform, just over a year ago, we have developed 57 games, spanning 21 sports and entertainment seasons, and extended our delivery to the major social media networks. Our business has expanded to include new clients and data-based game formats outside the fantasy sports sector.

While we embrace our heritage, and will continue to power award-wining fantasy games, we feel the RotoHog name no longer represents who we have become as a company.  

We will continue to operate fantasy sports games under the brand, as we continue to test new game mechanics and monetization techniques to benefit our clients.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RotoHog Rolls Out Syndicated Fantasy Football Games for Independent Publishers

RotoHog has just rolled out a new Fantasy Football Salary Cap game that allows any independent publisher to run their own, syndicated version of the game on their web site. The turnkey solution is aimed at helping niche sites and publishers to engage and monetize their audiences, without having to license or manage a game themselves.

RotoHog already provides branded versions of its games to publishers such as BloombergSports, Sports Illustrated,, NASCAR.COM, Pro Football Weekly, Fox Sports International, and others. The first sites to launch a version of its Fantasy Football Salary Cap game include SportsFanLive, a sports content and social network, WePlay, and a number of independent bloggers.

Syndicates and approved associates can personalize the look and feel of game play pages with custom header logos, backgrounds and colors.  They can also promote the game by embedding game widgets in their web pages and/or by posting Referral URL into emails and social media posts.

For more information see:
- Associate Program Terms of Service
- Associate Commission Schedule

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ROTOHOG Kicks Off Big Fall Season by Launching Four Partner Games with Its New Customizable Platform

Fantasy football games with and Los Angeles Times, an Us Weekly Celebrity Fantasy Game, a new Premier League fantasy game with hi5, as well as a series of RotoHog fantasy football games, all on tap in August

LOS ANGELES, CA—(Marketwire – August 10, 2010) RotoHog, one of the fastest-growing and most innovative fantasy sports and entertainment game operators and developers for major brands, today unveiled the first of a series of new partner games using the SCP(TM) platform. The games, which include a celebrity fantasy game with Us Weekly, a military-focused fantasy football game for, a casual fantasy football game for the Los Angeles Times, a Premier League fantasy soccer offering with and white label fantasy games under the RotoHog brand, represent the most aggressive and widespread use of the RotoHog customizable game platform for partners at one time. The RotoHog-created games will touch over 50 million fantasy and entertainment game enthusiasts by Labor Day.

“This product release is a great example of how diverse the business has become in the last few years, and we are proud to be able to partner with such a wide group of elite brands to deliver a high level experience, whether you have an interest in celebrity, football, or soccer,” said Kelly Perdew, CEO of RotoHog. “ We also recognize that there are so many quality sites out there that are small and looking for content, so we have developed syndicated versions of RotoHog-branded football games for smaller or growing sites to co-brand and offer their subscribers. It will show that no matter who the partner is…major media company or hard working independent fantasy site…we have a platform that can work.”