Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fastpoint Games, a client focused game developer

Moving forward RotoHog will be doing business as Fastpoint Games. 

Since launching our new platform, just over a year ago, we have developed 57 games, spanning 21 sports and entertainment seasons, and extended our delivery to the major social media networks. Our business has expanded to include new clients and data-based game formats outside the fantasy sports sector.

While we embrace our heritage, and will continue to power award-wining fantasy games, we feel the RotoHog name no longer represents who we have become as a company.  

We will continue to operate fantasy sports games under the brand, as we continue to test new game mechanics and monetization techniques to benefit our clients.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RotoHog Rolls Out Syndicated Fantasy Football Games for Independent Publishers

RotoHog has just rolled out a new Fantasy Football Salary Cap game that allows any independent publisher to run their own, syndicated version of the game on their web site. The turnkey solution is aimed at helping niche sites and publishers to engage and monetize their audiences, without having to license or manage a game themselves.

RotoHog already provides branded versions of its games to publishers such as BloombergSports, Sports Illustrated,, NASCAR.COM, Pro Football Weekly, Fox Sports International, and others. The first sites to launch a version of its Fantasy Football Salary Cap game include SportsFanLive, a sports content and social network, WePlay, and a number of independent bloggers.

Syndicates and approved associates can personalize the look and feel of game play pages with custom header logos, backgrounds and colors.  They can also promote the game by embedding game widgets in their web pages and/or by posting Referral URL into emails and social media posts.

For more information see:
- Associate Program Terms of Service
- Associate Commission Schedule

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ROTOHOG Kicks Off Big Fall Season by Launching Four Partner Games with Its New Customizable Platform

Fantasy football games with and Los Angeles Times, an Us Weekly Celebrity Fantasy Game, a new Premier League fantasy game with hi5, as well as a series of RotoHog fantasy football games, all on tap in August

LOS ANGELES, CA—(Marketwire – August 10, 2010) RotoHog, one of the fastest-growing and most innovative fantasy sports and entertainment game operators and developers for major brands, today unveiled the first of a series of new partner games using the SCP(TM) platform. The games, which include a celebrity fantasy game with Us Weekly, a military-focused fantasy football game for, a casual fantasy football game for the Los Angeles Times, a Premier League fantasy soccer offering with and white label fantasy games under the RotoHog brand, represent the most aggressive and widespread use of the RotoHog customizable game platform for partners at one time. The RotoHog-created games will touch over 50 million fantasy and entertainment game enthusiasts by Labor Day.

“This product release is a great example of how diverse the business has become in the last few years, and we are proud to be able to partner with such a wide group of elite brands to deliver a high level experience, whether you have an interest in celebrity, football, or soccer,” said Kelly Perdew, CEO of RotoHog. “ We also recognize that there are so many quality sites out there that are small and looking for content, so we have developed syndicated versions of RotoHog-branded football games for smaller or growing sites to co-brand and offer their subscribers. It will show that no matter who the partner is…major media company or hard working independent fantasy site…we have a platform that can work.”

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mickey D’s Foray Into Fantasy - Wall Street Journal


Thirty years ago, when Daniel Okrent was introducing a group of friends and professional acquaintances to Rotisserie League Baseball, a game he had invented while on a plane, he viewed it as mainly a fun excursion that could earn him a few dollars if it caught on with the masses. As anyone who saw ESPN’s “Silly Little Game” can tell you, the game exploded under the moniker, “fantasy,” and Mr. Okrent, who had trademarked the term “rotisserie” instead, never made his millions. Or even his hundreds. Which is why it doubly hurt for him to discover that fast-food giant McDonald’s is sponsoring FIFA’s official fantasy World Cup game; an offshoot of a game he created.

Friday, March 5, 2010

RotoHog Creates Celeb-Focused Fantasy Game For Us Magazine (Sports Business Daily)

By Eric Fisher, Staff Writer, SportsBusiness Journal
March 4, 2010

Fantasy games developer RotoHog, which primarily has built its business in sports products, has struck a deal with Wenner Media to create a celebrity-focused fantasy game for Us Magazine. Running for the next 10 weeks, players will select a team of 25 celebrities and then be scored on the number of times photographs of those celebrities appear in Us Magazine or its Web site. RotoHog also developed a similar fantasy game late last year for ABC to pair with “The Bachelor.” Celebrity-oriented fantasy games have been attempted several times in prior years by various companies, with mixed success, but the latest attempt seeks in part to capitalize in fast-growing audiences among casual fantasy players, particularly women.

“Our original [business-to-consumer] play was in sports, but our model really works across a broad swath of genres and platforms,” said RotoHog CEO Kelly Perdew. “We’re already in discussions about building games around other drama series. It’s really another way to tap into an affinity that’s already there.”


Saturday, February 20, 2010

RotoHog Buzz -- Dip your toes into the sports tweet stream

The beta version of RotoHog Buzz, one of my pet projects, has been just been released. RotoHog now has buzz hubs that aggregate the tweets and the best news and blog articles for seven different sports.

We even use geo tagging to overlay the tweet stream onto the world map. Check out my last post to see what this looks like. Very cool.

We're currently covering the following sports:

Basketball -
Hockey -
College Basketball -
Stock Car Racing -
Soccer -
Baseball -
Football -

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catch all the latest Sports and Entertainment buzz with RotoHog's Info Hubs

We will be providing:
  • Map of the real-time social buzz 
  • Twitter Stream
  • other cool tools for tracking the hottest news, blogs, videos and photos
Here are examples for the buzz around college basketball:

[image no longer available]

Sunday, February 7, 2010

RotoHog and NASCAR press release on strategic deal to power fantasy stock exchange

RotoHog Forms Strategic Partnership with NASCAR.COM, to Create and Implement Fantasy Stock Exchange Game
One of America’s fastest-growing game developers to build a state of the art fantasy stock exchange game for America’s premier sport for brand activation and fan involvement

LOS ANGELES, CA—(February 4, 2010) RotoHog, one of the fastest-growing and most innovative fantasy sports operators and game developers for major brands and professional sports, today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership with NASCAR.COM. RotoHog has built a fantasy exchange game that will begin in February with the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Daytona. NASCAR.COM is part of Turner Sports.

“There is perhaps no sport that has a more passionate and dedicated following than NASCAR.COM, and we think that the fans will take to this exchange game like no other application in the sport,” said Kelly Perdew, CEO of RotoHog. “NASCAR.COM Stock Exchange is about being able to buy and sell drivers as you build and rotate your own team each week to compete for fantasy points. Just like a stock ticker, RotoHog’s Sports Market Ticker™ shows live pricing movements of the drivers based on the drivers’ supply and demand and provides a real-time indicator of the fan favorites in the game.” To explore or sign up for the game, visit


RotoHog builds powerful, award-winning games around any set of structured data (statistics, website activity, appearances on magazine covers, ticket sales, song downloads, etc.) for media partners such as Disney/ABC,, NASCAR.COM, Sporting News, Turner Digital,, The Los Angeles Times, Pro Football Weekly, AVP, Fox Sports International, GoDaddy, and LG Electronics. Their gaming platform allows major brands and media companies to engage and monetize their audiences via a GaaS (Games as a Service) model. RotoHog is privately held, and based in Los Angeles, CA. Investors include Allen & Co, Mission Ventures, DFJ Dragon and Sports Capital Partners Worldwide.

For more information on RotoHog or having games designed and built, please visit

Media Contact:
Joe Favorito

Saturday, February 6, 2010

International Growth of Fantasy Sports - RotoHog

A Wicked (Virtual) Googly
What Fantasy Veterans Can Learn From a New Cricket Game Catching On in India

FEBRUARY 5, 2010, 3:22 P.M. ET
By NANDO DI FINO, The Wall Street Journal

It was only a matter of time before cricket and fantasy sports found each other.

You can now play with an avatar of Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Cricket is the second-most popular sport in both England and Australia, and tops in India. It’s wildly popular in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa, and a host of other British Commonwealth nations. Only soccer can make an airtight case for being more popular around the world.

India alone has a population of about 1.1 billion people, and its cricket madness reaches heights that even the most fervent American football fan could never understand.
In March 2009, raised $2 million in Series B funding and successfully created fantasy soccer games for media companies in Brazil (in Portuguese and English) and for Fox Sports International (in Spanish and English). Their platform is even designed to deliver in multi-lingual capability, including Mandarin.

“I absolutely believe that international is a huge growth opportunity for fantasy sports,” says RotoHog CEO Kelly Perdew .

Source: Wall Street Journal

RotoHog Stock Exchange -- Sports Market Tickers

The RotoHog Sports Market Ticker (TM) for the NASCAR Stock Exchanged.

The latest RotoHog Sports Market Ticker (TM) for the NBA Stock Exchanged brought to you by Kia Motors.