Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thuuz: Changing the Way You Watch Sports

After more than three years at Fastpoint Games, I've moved to Thuuz which is fast becoming the established source for unbiased ratings on sports excitement.

Thuuz alerts you to the most exciting sports games and matches currently being played or recently completed so that you can experience all the suspense and excitement of the best sports action of the day, even for games that are over.

Thuuz uses a set of proprietary algorithms looks at a multitude of discrete events that can occur in each game or match, from the typical to the unusual. Each of these events has an impact on the overall excitement rating of the match by taking into account the specific situation (including competitiveness, novelty and pace of play) at the time the event occurred.

Thuuz uses this to determine an excitement score for the match on a scale of 0-100, and then notifies users if the game is exciting, telling them the exact point they should watch the game from to catch all the excitement without giving anything away.

Thuuz is already covering International soccer, the NBA, NCAA basketball, NHL, MLB, NFL and NCAA football, and will soon be launching its service for cricket, rugby, and many other sports.

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